Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Why I Don't Write

I've been writing long enough, I think, for a worky-ass post about "process" that bores everybody to tears. So here goes.

There are three main reasons I don't write for long stretches - I don't like what I'm producing, I'm not getting ideas, or I am living too structured of a lifestyle.

The third issue is the toughest, and it tends to flow into the other two after a pretty short while. I work best in a strictly structured format when it comes to everything BUT writing, so if I want to run my life well, I need timetables and lists and charts and plans.

Writing is something completely different. My process is, shall we say, a disheveled process. It happens late at night while normal people are in bed, and it's characterized by a lot of pacing and absentmindedly leaving shit lying around.

And bourbon.

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oconnell said...

Bourbon. Why can't I help believe that I have something to do with that? This is especially true since the date on this post is of course my birthday. Tiger Woods explains at length his pre-shot routine. The virtual entire process is merely to get him into a mental place in which to perform the mental and physical process to execute that which he can do so well. I suspect there is some "muse" to this process which all of us could learn to mimic. i.e. to have a "pre-write" routine, or in my case a "pre-calcuate" routine that would allow us to do what we do (so well of course) on demand.